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What other costs besides the price of the ticket will there be?

None. The price of the ticket covers you for the whole night. You will not have to pay for anything after if you do not want to. If you wish for additional drinks, those are on you.

How are we getting from venue to venue?

Walking. The loading and unloading of busses take too much time and limits the time we have to party at each venue. The longest distance from one club to the next is 2.5 blocks; the rest are 1 or 1.5 blocks from one another.

How do we know when its time to go to the next club?

Our party host will have a glow stick in hand. When you see the glow stick light up, it is our signal that we are leaving for the next spot. Another host will walk around the club and make sure the entire group has been notified of our departure.

What if I am running late?

No problem. Contact the phone number you receive on the confirmation email. The host will give you the address of the club that the crawl is currently at and when you arrive he will bring you into the venue. You miss out on the previous venue(s) and drink(s) however.

How long do we spend at each venue?

We spend approximately 1 hour at each of the first 3 venues, and carry the night into the final club until it closes (1.5-2 hours).

What can I wear?

This is very important. Dress code will be strictly enforced. If you do not meet nightclub dress code standards you may be turned away. Again, you MUST be dressed in proper nightclub attire. For men: NO caps, plain or graphic t-shirts, running shoes, shorts, or baggy clothing. For women: NO running shoes or flip flops. We recommend you wear a dress and heels or flats. Please DRESS TO IMPRESS.

What is the latest I can purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets up until we are at the meet-up. When we leave for the first nightclub, tickets are no longer available.

What kind of identification is necessary?

To enter the venues, you will be required to show a photo identification in English that states your age is 21+. Unfortunately, no paper identification will be accepted.

How do I get my ticket?

As soon as you purchase, you will be put on our guest list. Upon arrival to the first venue, simply tell the main host your name or show them the confirmation email and you will be good to go!

What happens if I cannot make it for whatever reason? Can I reschedule?

Our mission is to ensure you have a good time. Therefore, come whatever Friday or Saturday you can. Your ticket does not expire! Just let us know you can’t make it and a date to reschedule.

Are there refunds?

Refunds are available until we begin to enter the first venue. After the night’s begun, there’s no going back.

Can I be rejected from the crawl?

Yes. We apologise in advance if this happens. We know the clubs and how they operate, therefore, if you are not appropriately dressed or displaying lewd and/or aggressive behavior, we/they may ask you to leave. It would be unfair to the rest of the crawlers if we could not get into a venue due to the attire of an individual or a group. Our sincerest apologies but it is the nature of the nightlife business. We appreciate your understanding if it were to occur.

How can I come for FREE?

Anyone celebrating a birthday, bachelorette, or bachelor party will be allowed to crawl for free (only valid for the guest-of-honor).

Any further questions please contact us